Collection: Stressless Reno

With its soft foam padding and height-adjustable headrest, the Stressless® Reno is one of our favorite models. It is the embodiment of the ideal recliner: comfortable, carefully designed and durable, so that you experience the unsurpassed Stressless® feeling of well-being year after year. The comfortable headrest can be adjusted in height by up to 10 cm, making it ideal for tall people.

The over-cushions are filled with soft foam and the highest adjustable neck support has made the Stressless Reno one of our absolute favorites. It has become the symbol of what a fantastic recliner should be: a comfortable, well-thought-out and durable piece of furniture that gives you that fantastic Stressless experience year after year. The comfortable neck support can be adjusted up to 10 cm to give users that little bit more height.