Do you want to spend more time with your family? The dining room is often the place to gather after a busy day. It is also the perfect place to enjoy friends, dine, chat and share memories.
The best way to ensure your guests come to the table is to put them in the best chairs possible. Stressless® chairs are designed by experts to make your body as comfortable as possible, without any strain
The seat and backrest follow and respond to your body's movements in a unique way for total comfort in all positions. With Stressless® chairs you can sit at the table for hours in complete comfort.

Relax… in perfect balance

We challenged our designers: how can we bring the unique Stressless® comfort to the table, with chairs that follow the body's movements?

Their answer: the Stressless® chair range. They automatically adjust to your position, without levers or handles. Lean forward and the chair moves to relieve pressure under your legs while supporting your back.

Sit back and enjoy the adjustable backrest as the seat slides forward for a more open and comfortable seating position.

Aesthetics and sustainability combined

When you sit in a Stressless® sofa, you may wonder: what makes it so comfortable? The main reason: the level of attention paid to the study of the entire human body, from the arch of the foot to the back of the neck, thanks to patented comfort technologies such as BalanceAdapt™, Power™, Plus-system™ and Glide-system™.

Part of the secret also lies in the quality of materials and craftsmanship that goes into making a Stressless® armchair, making it a sustainable choice that may be passed down for generations. Not to mention the pleasure of being free to choose your ideal chair in terms of design, size, color and texture.

The comfort of a swivel chair

The Stressless® Dining chairs can be equipped with a swivel base (D350 and D450). This ingenious base makes it easier to sit and stand without having to move the chair from the table.

You just turn it around to take a seat. This feature also makes it easier to sit and stand during a meal by allowing you to face the person you are talking to. The legs of the D350 and D450 can rotate 360° and have an optional automatic return.

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