The sofa is the heart of your evenings with family or friends, and the ideal place for a nap in peace and comfort. It is both the centerpiece of your parties and the perfect place for reading. It is the ideal investment to create many memories and beautiful experiences, not to choose hastily!

This living space must also adapt to everyone: thanks to the Stressless® BalanceAdapt™ system, you can move around in the sofa with a subtle tilt of the seat. Lean back, lean forward, lie down or lift your feet. And if you only need a fixed bench, simply lock the function to prevent the seat from moving.

Absolute comfort in an electrically adjustable sofa

Stressless® Emily is a fully adjustable luxury sofa with all the comfort and functionality you expect from Stressless®. All modules of the Stressless® Emily sofa are equipped with an adjustable headrest.

You can lower it to enjoy a low backrest – which perfectly supports the back while sitting – or adjust the angle and height to give your head and neck more support for total relaxation.

For extra comfort, you can opt for the motorized footrest and backrest function on one or more of the sofa's seats. You can add the Long Seat module – with fixed backrest and footrest – to extend your legs.

Stressless® Emily is available with a wide choice of high-quality leathers and fabrics, and with three armrest variants.

The Emily Metal and Emily Wood models have slim armrests with elegant metal or wooden details. The Emily Large Armrest version has wider, upholstered armrests.

Stressless® Emily is a modular sofa. The chairs – with or without Power™, corner, Long Seat, middle or end module – can be combined to create the sofa of your dreams.

Lean back and experience the comfort

Stressless® sofas adapt to your body as soon as you sit down. Whether you're sitting upright or lying down, our built-in Plus™ and Glide™ systems support both your head and your lower back. They are available with three seats, two seats and one seat, and can also be combined with the Medium Corner or Sector for Home Cinema setups.

Responds to every movement

The Stressless®BalanceAdapt™ system allows the sofa to respond to your movements, adjusting the seat as you move. Lean back, forward, lie down or put your feet up. If circumstances call for a regular sofa, you can simply lock the function so that the seat no longer moves.